The Eggs Benedicts of London

“So, what’re you having?” your friend turns to you and asks. The waiter is hovering over you like a fly, and you’re panicking whilst you scan the menu without actually processing any words. It’s the hardest decision you may have to make all morning. 90% of the time, you’ll probably just stutter “Eggs Benedict, please” (a totally made up statistic but go with it). You know why? Because not only are they a classic breakfast option, they’re undeniably bloody delicious. That creamy Hollandaise. Those perfectly poached eggs. They just never get old.

London loves the Eggs Benny so much that everywhere you go, people seem to want to whip up their own version. If you thought the Eggs Royale and Eggs Florentine were different, you’re so very wrong. They’re merely the beginning of this Eggs Benedict revolution, and trust us, you’ll want to know about the rest of these bad boys. Viva la Eggs Benedict!


The Classic One

Eggs Benedict – The Wolseley

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You can’t go wrong with the original, especially not with one from The Wolseley. You can get it with either ham or bacon, and either a small (one) or a large (two), but the answer is obvious, really. That muffin is as soft as a pillow.  

The One With Lobster

Lobster Benedict – Hawksmoor Guildhall

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Lobster for breakfast? Yes yes yes you classy thing. Pair it with a morning Marmalade Cocktail and you’ve got yourself possibly one of the best mornings.


The One With Bacon, Avo & Feta

Avocado Benedict – The Riding House Cafe

Avocado and feta benedict @ridinghousecafe – Great Titchfield Street.

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Order the Avocado Benedict and say yes to that cheeky addition of bacon. If anything’s going to fuel you for the rest of the day, it’s this!      


The Fancy One

Eggs Arlington – The Delaunay

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Your poached egg, gorgeously wrapped around with smoked salmon. Swoon. This baby also famously features at The Wolseley, so you’ve got two options if you’re hit with cravings!


The One That’s A Stack

The Stack – The Table Cafe

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Are you dreaming? It’s a tower of chorizo, ham hock baked beans, toasted bagels, two poached eggs and drenched in Hollandaise. Drooling.       


The Frenchie

Œuf mollet “bénédictine” à la façon Laudrée – Laurdrée in Harrods

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Bonjour mon petit déjeuner. Forget the macarons and spoil yourself with some French breakfast loving instead. Or maybe save the macarons later. Oui s’il vous plaîtz!


The One With Pulled Pork

Eggs Pig Out – Ben’s Canteen

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Ben has outdone himself again with his pulled pork masterpiece, topped with poached eggs and BC Hollandaise. He says to top it with a dash of hot sauce and pair with a Bloody Mary for perfection.    


The Mexican One

Huevos al Benny – The Breakfast Club

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Poached eggs, chorizo, roast peppers, avocado, fresh chillies, spicy Hollandaise. Add some home-style fried potatoes and you’ve got yourself a party!


The One with Bubble & Squeak

Eggs Benedict – Ozone Coffee Roasters

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Not only are they sat delightfully on top of Bubble ‘N’ Squeak Cakes, but you can have them with house cured salmon, pork belly, halloumi or bacon. Holy crap.  


The One with Waffles

Ox Cheek Benedict & Smoked Salmon Royale – Duck & Waffle

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Up in the sky, Head Chef Dan Doherty’s masterpieces have had a facelift – onto waffles. Genius. Whether you’re in the mood for some Ox Cheek or Smoked Salmon, they’ve got you covered. Our vote is both.


The One with Pork Belly

Belly Benedict – Hash 8

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Pork belly slice, poached eggs, English muffin, breakfast potatoes, Hollandaise, spinach, umami dust. Winner winner.  


The One with Spinach AND Avocado

Avocado and Spinach Benedict – The Ivy Chelsea Garden

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Not one green, but two. It’s basically a salad, more or less. Just go with it. Oh, and you’re in one of the most happening places in London.


The Mediterranean One (With Sausage)

Eggs Mediterranean – The Blue Legume

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A toasted English muffins topped with spinach, garlic sausage, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. They’re also rumoured to have one of the best Hollandaise sauces in London. Oh yeah.


The One With Perfect Eggs

Eggs Benedict – Counter Cafe

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If you want to sit and gaze over the water whilst eating perfectly poached eggs, this is your place. Whether it’s ham or salmon, these bad boys will satisfy all Eggs Benny cravings.      


The One With Tea Smoked Salmon

Eggs Benedict – The Modern Pantry

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Are you up for some tea smoked salmon? Or are more of a smoked streaky bacon gal or a grilled asparagus kind of guy? Whatever you pick, expect it with two poached eggs, toasted English muffin, yuzu hollandaise, hazelnut & macadamia dukkah. Om nom nom.


The Legendary One

The Ultimate Truffled Eggs Benedict – Tom’s Kitchen

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Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea have been known to pop the ‘Ultimate Truffled Eggs Benedict’ on their specials board. For £18, you’ll get a muffin topped with a poached duck egg, prosciutto and hollandaise topped with gratings of truffle. Can we put in a special request? Please?  


The One When You Can’t Decide

Eggs 3 Ways – The Lido Cafe

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For when you can’t decide, you don’t have to. Benedict, Florentine, Royale, all waiting for you.


The Beetroot One

Goat’s Curd and Beetroot Borani Benedict – Sunday

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If you’re not into that enough, there’s even avocado and pistachio aillade up in there. Zomg.  


The Mushroom One

Portabello Mushroom Benedict – Bluebird Chelsea

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Simple and perfect. Why aren’t these in more places?


The One Topped With Flowers

Eggs Benny – MUD Tooting

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This baby was made for Instagram. Pork belly or cured salmon? With sourdough, burford brown egg, brown butter hollandaise. I repeat: Brown. Butter. Hollandaise.