Top 10 Independent Shops to Get Your Bagel in The City

Guide 26th October 2015
By KS Tong

When I started working in the City 8 years ago, independent sandwich shops were a dime a dozen. Although their locations differed, the theme was always the same; small, intimate and, surprisingly, Italian. But one by one, they started to shut down and in their place now stands a chain (more often than not, a Pret or EAT). So I made an oath to my stomach that every time I passed an independent sandwich shop on my commute, I’d go in and get a bagel. Here is the list of my personal top 10 haunts – what’s yours?


The upper crust sandwich bar

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Hidden away down an alley way off Fenchurch Street, this gem is known to the locals and is also buzzing.    


Earl’s sandwiches

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A city institution entrenched in Callum Street. Lines here are not uncommon and for good reason – these guys known how to make a sandwich.  



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Another of Fenchurch Street’s finest, don’t be put off by the choice in colour scheme; the bagel is worth it.    


Il Mulino

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On Birchin Lane, a stone’s throw away from the Bank of England, patrons here testify to the value of loyalty and I’m proud to join the ranks.    


Regis snack bar

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Right in the heart of Leadenhall Market and next to Lloyd’s of London, the bagel here is matched only by the chat that accompanies it.    



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Small and intimate, this place seems almost out of place on Bishopsgate, but it has earned its place.    



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You can’t talk about Bagels and not mention this place. If you love bagels, this is your sacred place.    


Brisket Bell at the Barley Mow

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New kids on the block in the grand scheme of things, but the salt beef bagel here is proper old school.  



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Sandwiched between the Walkie Talkie and Planation Place, Ideals quietly goes about its business serving up some real comfort in a bagel.  


Little Gatsby sandwich bar

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I have a real soft spot for Moorgate’s little gem on Telegraph Street. Those who know it, know.


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