Breakfast London’s Top 16 Picks For Breakfast Week

Guide 25th January 2016

It’s officially Breakfast Week! While we think the start of a new day is reason enough to go out to eat brekkie, we’ve now got a whole week to celebrate this glorious meal – commonly known as the best meal of the day.

Whether this has zero impact on your visit to your local café, or if it’s given you the motivation to get up and find those pancakes you’ve been drooling over, we’ve decided to make a little list of our top choices for this momentous week. Say “Hello” to the finest, the famous, and the favourites in town!


1. The Full Elvis at Duck & Waffle


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You’ve all heard of the famous Duck & Waffle. But once you float your way up to the 40th floor of the Heron Tower (and maybe even had a Bloody Mary to calm your nerves), you’ll find that this beauty is the one that really takes your breath away. PB&J, Bananas Brûlée, Chantilly Cream and all of the trimmings. Love at first bite.


2. Changa Eggs at The Providores & Tapa Room


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Lives have been changed by breakfast dishes, and we’ve all been a victim of Peter Gordon’s mighty Changa Eggs. These Turkish Eggs are from the Changa restaurant in Istanbul, and are so good that they’re even on Kopapa’s menu. Two poached eggs on whipped yoghurt with hot chilli butter and either sourdough or seeded granary tost. Go for the seeded granary.


3. Breakfast in Bread at Barge House


This canalside spot is home to one of the most loved breakfast creations in the city: The drool-worthy Breakfast in Bread. There’s four different variations you can choose (The Original, The Vegetarian, Smoked Salmon and Hot Stuff) so good luck trying not to order them all (or, you know, do). Pair it with a house infused vodka Mary for a party in your mouth.


4. Bacon, Sausage & Egg Naan at Dishoom


Bacon. Sausage. Egg. In a naan. We don’t think there are any more words needed. Apart from maybe the fun fact that they use The Ginger Pig’s smoked streaky bacon which is dry-cured for five days with rock salt and Demerara sugar then cold-smoked over oak ships. Oh, and handmade award-winning Shropshire pork sausages.

5. Ricotta Hotcakes at Granger & Co.


These hotcakes are no stranger to the breakfast limelight (yes, that’s a thing). The most famous item on their menu, these babies are paired with banana and topped with honeycomb butter. And now, with three London locations, there’s no excuse as to why you haven’t tried these yet.


6. Pulled Pork Benedict at Tried & True


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Tried & True is truly (sorry) one of London’s hidden gems, even though they’ve won plenty of awards letting everyone know just how awesome they are. Tucked away in Putney, their Pulled Pork Benedict is also award-winning. Spice rubbed 15-hour roasted pork shoulder, tossed in hickory hoisin sauce, served on homemade jalapeno cheddar cornbread & topped with two poached eggs, chili butter & spring onions. WHAT.

7. Hot Chocolate at Cereal Killer Cafe


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Yep, it’s not the cereal we’re after. It’s these super crazy stacked hot chocolates that look like they’ll hit us with some diabetic problems eventually, yet somehow that doesn’t dampen our desires to order one and gush over it. What stacked hot chocolate are you after? Nutella? Salted Caramel? Peanut Butter? We’ll have one of each, please.


8. Buttermilk Pancakes at Sunday


These pancakes are something that dreams are made of. Topped with blueberries, bacon, honeycomb butter and maple syrup, this salty-sweet combo wins every time. And maybe get an order of the French Toast to ‘share’, too.

9. For 2 to Share at Hawksmoor Guildhall


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The Hawksmoor at Guildhall is obviously our favourite, since they’re the only one to do breakfast. And what a breakfast it is: Smoked bacon chop, sausages (made with pok, beef & mutton), black pudding, short-rib bubble and squeak, grilled bone marrow, trotter baked beans, fried eggs, grilled mushrooms, roast tomatoes, HP gravy and unlimited toast. Hubba hubba.


10. Salt Beef Bagel at Beigel Bake


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As self-proclaimed bagel fanatics, there’s nothing quite like an old-fashion salt beef bagel. And of all salt-beef bagels, Beigel Bake is the mothership. Known to house the best bagels in London, they’re a 24-hour spot on Brick Lane that you won’t want to miss. Get in line.


11. French Toast at Counter Cafe


There are many memorable French Toasts in the city, but one that we still can’t get out of our heads is this bad boy from Counter Cafe. French Toast with Summer Berries, Banana, Toasted Almonds and Maple Syrup. Add a cheeky side of bacon, and make sure you don’t leave without a cup of coffee.


12. The Convict at MILK CAFE


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You’ve hit the hangonver jackpot with this one. Their most popular item, The Convict is a delicious tower made of proper English muffin, drycure bacon, m.moens sausage, burford brown egg, hashbrown, grated cheese and drowed in hangover sauce.


13. Eggs at Leila’s Shop


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One of those not-so-secret secrets is Leila’s Shop. With a small shop and little cafe next door, the rustic vibes will have you wanting to get in line for a table. The eggs in a pan, crusty bread and homemade jam are said to be the best in London. I guess there’s only one way for you to find out…


14. Pancakes at The Wolseley


The Wolseley have a way of making every morning feel like it’s a celebration. We had some trouble picking between the Pancakes and the Eggs Benedict, but truth be told, order both and you will live life with no regrets. Even better, get blueberries AND bacon on the pancakes. Things are getting crazy at 9am.


15. Bacon Butty at St. John Bread & Wine


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St. John Bread & Wine is the home of many things, including one of the best doughnuts in London, as well as a menu full of innovative and seasonal dishes. But what we’re there for is a gool ol’ bacon butty. It’s no ordinary sandwich, though. The famous St John Old Spot Bacon Sarnie is stuffed with smoky Gloucester Old Spot Bacon, between open-flame grilled toast and sided with homemade ketchup. Nailed it.


16. Cardamom Buns at Fabrique Bakery


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Transport yourself to Stockholm in one spicy bite. You’re now able to get these babies at both Hoxton and Covent Garden, so that’s a big plus. You only problem is that this is what you’re going to spend your paychecks on from now on. Cardamom Buns? Cinnamon Buns? Levain Bread? We want it all.

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