London’s Top 5 Coffees to Drink at Home or On-the-Go

Guide 13th July 2020

As an avid coffee drinker, part of the fun has always been finding new places and blends to try. From hidden locals to trendy hot spots and everything in between.

The last few months have given me a generous serving of time to learn new skills and right at the top of my list was sourcing and perfecting my own home brew. From grinding beans to frothing milks- hot, iced, americano, lattes, these four walls have seen it all!

I’d like to thank my aeropress. Honestly I didn’t even know you existed before starting this journey and none of my beans would have fumigated nearly half as successfully without you. To my milk frother, through the hot and iced variations you’ve delivered morning after morning the silky, creamy (plant based) milk I never even knew I needed. Finally, to the beans grown across the globe who have kept me buzzed over the last few months. My heart lifts every morning when it sees each and every one of you, thank you!

In order to support local roasteries here in London, all of the bags I’ve ordered have been from coffee shops across our city. With this in mind, here are my top five from the incredible roster I’ve worked my way through. All have my highest recommendation whether it’s making your own at home or venturing out for the coffee at their actual shops.


Back in April I ordered our first Nude coffee and since I’ve moved onto their 1kg bags which I think says it all. Primarily I was looking for beans from Nude that would make a delicious iced coffee. I order their ‘East Blend; from El Salvador and it definitely delivered through those sunny April days.


I was looking for something a little sweeter the week I ordered from these guys and the ‘Broadway Blend’ from Central America certainly sweetened me up! With tastes of maple syrup, cacao nibs and blood orange this is a super smooth blend. Oat lattes were predominantly created and enjoyed with these dreamy beans.


With Monmouth being one of my locals at work, I was super keen to try and recreate their experience at home. Hence the classic ‘Monmouth Espresso’ beans I had delivered in a medium/dark roast. If I closed my eyes and pictured Covent Garden it came very close. Kept mainly to americanos the week I tried out these beans- let the coffee do all of the talking.


From Caravan I ordered their ‘Market Blend’. Full disclosure, heavy influence of bean selection came from the the fact that this pack had an ‘E’ on the front (the first letter of my name). And it was totally meant to bE. Lots of flavours and very smooth. Not usually one for an espresso but I think this was my favourite creation with this pack, getting to taste all of those different notes!

OZONE 7.5/10

Based in the heart of Shoreditch, these guys know how to make a punchy coffee so I had big boots to fill. With this in mind I was trying to stay true to the my usual order and set myself a cappuccino challenge. Not quite their full sensory experience but certainly still got the same kick to start those quicker paced mornings.

The final chapter of my coffee journey has to be coffee art. Better latte than never, right?!


Main Image: The Attendant
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