Vegan Dish Launch at The Good Egg Soho

News 21st August 2019

Here at Breakfast London, we love a vegan brunch dish. And The Good Egg are releasing a whopper of one – the mouth-watering Crispy Potato + Aubergine Pita (Ve).

It’s also known as “Sabich”: Tel Aviv’s street food classic: fluffy pita stuffed w/ fried aubergine, tahini, amba, zhoug, dak dak, crispy potatoes, pickles + fried aubergine.

The origin of the name “Sabich” is controversial – some think it is named after the founder of the first sabich stand – an Iraqi-born man called Sabich Tsvi Halabi, who moved over in the 1940s and set up shop in Ramat-Gan, a city in the Tel Aviv District. Others think it’s a Hebrew abbreviation of the ingredients, while many think it’s in fact originated in the Iraqi word for morning (when traditionally it was eaten).

Wherever it’s from, all we know for sure is that it’s delicious. The dish will be featured on brunch menus at Stoke Newington + Soho permanently from 24/08/2019.

Have you entered our competition to win a brunch for two, featuring the new Crispy Potato + Aubergine Pita, on Instagram? Enter here.

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