Why sweet breakfasts trump savoury, every time

Guide 13th October 2019

There are two types of breakfast lovers in this world: those with a penchant for savoury, and those with an unsatisfiable sweet tooth. I happen to be one of the latter. No matter the hour, my very first craving is guaranteed to be a flaky, sugar dusted pastry, or a sickly-sweet tower of French toast. What better way to start the day than with a doughy sugar hit and a fresh cup of coffee?

When browsing a breakfast menu, I quickly skim past the mediocre mentions of ‘poached eggs’ and ‘fritters’, seeking out comforting sweet options that have me drooling at their descriptions. From blueberry hotcakes oozing with maple syrup, to warm banana bread smothered in pecan butter, I can feel my taste buds tingling with excitement, anticipating the delightful sweetness. There is nothing more disappointing than sitting down at a promising breakfast haunt to be faced with a dismal lack of sweet choices, the only option being their token ‘american-style pancakes’.  This shows a tragic lack of imagination and absolutely no consideration for the sweet-toothed foodies of London.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy scrambled eggs and sourdough as much as the next person, I just believe there is plenty more time in the day for such simplistic savoury choices. Sweet options are far more creative – think carefully crafted piles of waffles, with exquisite toppings and a glistening waterfall of maple syrup. Half-Cup is one London establishment that has sweet choices down to a tee – their fluffy cinnamon French toast is a masterclass in breakfast-ry, and is perfectly complemented by creamy ricotta and crunchy biscuit crumbs.

It’s not that sweet breakfasts have to be unhealthy; I always have time for a hearty bowl of porridge with lashings of honey and berry compote, or an exquisite acai bowl topped with an artistic array of fruit and granola. However, when else can you can indulge in cake-esque dishes topped with ice-cream and chocolate sauce and it still qualify as a proper meal? Now that’s an opportunity not to be missed!

So next time you are faced with an agonising sweet or savoury breakfast decision, don’t make a choice you’ll regret.

Hero Image Credit: Bianca Bridges


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