Phoebe Williams

About the Author
Phoebe Williams is a Breakfast London contributor and a food and drink PR professional. She loves French toast, peanut butter and nutella (all at the same time) and can't function with her morning Americano.

Originally a Yorkshire girl, Phoebe moved to London a year ago to work in food and drink PR and explore all the amazing food this city has to offer. Before this, Phoebe travelled and lived in Australia where she developed a passion for all things breakfast and brunch (the Aussies know their stuff), and now loves spending weekends enjoying London’s foodie scene. A sweet breakfast enthusiast, Phoebe loves French toast, pancakes, and waffles (nothing is too sweet).

When she’s not eating Phoebe loves running, reading and perusing art galleries, and shares book reviews on Instagram. You can find her main Instagram profile here.

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