The Cultural Phenomenon of Bottomless Brunch

News 14th November 2019

There is no occasion that can’t be celebrated with bottomless brunch. Your birthday? Bottomless brunch. Leaving to live in Australia? Bottomless brunch. Friends visiting London? Bottomless brunch. No matter how many of these events you are invited to, the act of drinking yourself into oblivion dressed up in a new outfit from Zara never gets old.

Let me set the scene: identical groups of excited millennials (is she wearing my skirt?!) are squeezed into a lavishly decorated dining room, chatter bouncing off the walls and iPhone flashes ricocheting off the mirrored interior. Dressed to impress and ready to party, the room is filled with a buzz of anticipation for the long day and night that stretches ahead, and the endless possibilities this could hold.

It’s a strange cultural phenomenon. The term ‘brunch’ was actually coined in late nineteenth century England, before the Americans latched onto the trend. Now it’s back with the Brits, who have put their own binge-drinking stamp on it. Despite the ridiculousness there’s something about a good-old bottomless brunch us Londoners just can’t resist. Perhaps it’s the novelty of drinking without the boundaries of a spending limit? Or the hedonistic pursuit of prosecco intoxication that sees the stresses of the week melt away? A bottomless affair is also exempt from the usual regulations for brunch – the menu will include pizza and the table will be booked for 3pm.

From personal experience, a bottomless brunch can be hit and miss across London establishments. Shoreditch Grind took advantage of tipsy party-goers reeled in by the promise of endless drinks to provide us with slow service, warm alcohol and cold food. On the other hand, Canova Hall offers a delightful brunching experience that I have returned to again and again. Generous jugs of alcohol that can still be consumed even after table time is over means hours of drinking for a set price, as well as a varied and delicious food menu. Their avocado toast is a particular triumph: a door stop-sized wedge of sourdough piled high with mashed avo and a sprinkling of feta.

Whatever your take on the matter, a bottomless brunch is something everyone needs to experience at least once; but be warned, choose your venue wisely and approach with caution.

Bottomless Brunch Bingo

If you get three or higher, congratulations, you are officially a cliche!

  • Spot someone in the same Zara outfit
  • Drink so much prosecco you can’t taste your food
  • Post regrettable Instagram stories
  • Lose all the cards and presents your friends have given you
  • Demand more prosecco immediately from the waiter
  • Promise you’ll make it to the next bar but run away when the birthday girl is accosting a diner at the next table
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