All Hail The Vegetarian Full English

Guide 13th January 2020

Don’t get me wrong, I like a sausage as much as the next person, but the vegetarian full English has firmly taken the top spot in my list of fry up favourites. 

While I can appreciate a couple of rashers of deliciously crispy bacon, rich black pudding and a thick juicy sausage, the vegetarian full English has put some fresh new items on the breakfast map. Salty slices of squidgy halloumi steal the show (it was about time cheese became a regular part of breakfast) while vegetarian sausages offer a light texture and new flavours. Meanwhile portobello mushrooms add some sophistication to the plate, a definite upgrade from the average full English. Veggie fry ups also like to get adventurous in the bean department, offering spicy mixed varieties instead of the standard baked format.

What’s more, meat and vegetables don’t need to be mutually exclusive, so why does a standard fry up have to be exempt from any green sides? Ordering a veggie full English guarantees a fresh array of healthy add-ons, from smashed avo with a sprinkling of chilli flakes, to wilted spinach and crispy kale alongside some olive-oil drizzled, roasted vine tomatoes. 

My most recent fry up experience at The Garrison on Bermondsey Street involved melt-in-the-mouth halloumi, a chunky portobello mushroom, crispy kale, spring onion, roasted tomatoes and a perfectly poached egg, all alongside two slices of sourdough toast – delicious! For another full veggie experience try Brother Marcus, whose ‘Veggie Marcus’ heroes halloumi with a variety of sides, and the thoughtful addition of homemade baked beans.

So whether you’re ready to transition, or just fancy dipping your toe into this brave new world of fry ups, take a trip to the veggie side this January.

Image Credit: Brother Marcus
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