Avobar: An Ode to Avocado

Review 15th January 2020

Millennial clichés aside, avocado is a strong staple on any breakfast menu and the go-to option for many brunch aficionados. Though just like avocados themselves, avocado dishes can be hit or miss and despite the promise and potential of that creamy green goodness, the finished product can often disappoint.

I’m here to tell you that avocado lovers need not fear. Making it their mission to do avocados right, Avobar in Covent Garden have created an avo-based menu, with avocados as hero ingredients in both sweet and savoury dishes. Avobar have a great balance of vegan and vegetarian options, whilst also catering for the hungriest meat and fish eaters. The menu celebrates the flavour and texture of avocado, with protein the secondary ingredient; the accessory to enhance the avocado, never to overpower. What’s more, the Avobar team set themselves the highest standards when it comes to sourcing their fruit; they partner with ethical and sustainable farmers and growers to make sure they do the avocados justice in all the right ways.

So, what’s on the menu? For those who enjoy avocado on toast, which is probably quite a few of us, there are multiple varieties to choose between; from the smashed chili avo, to the colourful beetroot humus. If decisions are not your forte, take my advice and go for the one with the most convincing name: the ‘ultimate avo toast’ serves avocado three-ways: sliced, with guacamole and avo lime jam, all perfectly paired with poached eggs. Step away from the toast and you’ll find the avo bun burger – Avobar’s signature dish. This showstopper consists of two avocado halves either side of a sweet potato and red lentil patty, garnished with coconut and herb dressing and vegan slaw. It’s gluten free, dairy free and completely plant-based too. A perfect veganuary treat.

While the rest of the world has little in the way of sweet avocado dishes, Avobar has a lot. The sweet matcha pancakes are served with a deliciously decadent avo butter and both acai and peanut smoothie bowls owe their creamy texture to our favourite green fruit. It’s easy therefore, to enjoy a starter, main and dessert in one delicious avo-based sitting. Why not stay for cocktails too and enjoy the effortlessly cool, Californian-inspired interior; plenty of time to think of a good avocado pun for your Insta photo…

Find Avobar on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden.

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