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News 27th April 2020

We’re all at home, the cafes are closed and it’s time to fend for ourselves. In the scheme of things, this is not a big ordeal – we are lucky to be safe and well with food in our cupboards. Yet the creativity soon begins to dwindle; the routine creeps in and it soon becomes clear that pre-lockdown life had way more variety.

In a normal world, we might meet our pals for brunch on a Saturday, enjoy a pub lunch on a Sunday, perhaps a bit of office birthday cake here and there, maybe we would grab a pastry to enjoy on our walk from the tube? And maybe, just maybe, we would celebrate that Friday feeling by spending way too much on a gourmet veggie burger from the food market and vow it was a one-off, only to repeat the purchase every Friday for the rest of the year… Or is that just me? At home, it’s easy for the days to merge into one; the weekends don’t necessarily feel that different and soon our meals to become one and the same.

What most of us do have, however, is more free time. Without a commute, social commitments, classes, meetings or travel, whether we like it or not, we have more hours than ever. Luckily there are plenty of ways to enjoy at-home breakfasts and experiment with recipes during this time; it’s pretty much the perfect opportunity to create some kitchen masterpieces and add some much needed variety. It’s also very important to keep your insta feed full of food photos, right?

If you’re in need of ideas, here’s some easy and budget-friendly ways to spice up the most important meal of the day:

Revisit your childhood cereal

Cereal is underrated, it’s also something you rarely find on a brunch menu, so now is the perfect time to reacquaint yourself with those fond childhood cereal memories. I’m not talking granola, porridge or anything oaty. Buy yourself some cookie crisp, cornflakes, or that fantastic multi-pack of minis – just choose something that leaves the milk all sweet afterwards. Mmmm. Come to terms with the sugar content, move past it, and pour yourself a bowl of nostalgia.


Again, crumpets rarely feature in restaurant cuisine, and yet they are one of life’s best gifts. Crumpets can be enjoyed savoury or sweet, though they are best lightly toasted, so the butter melts right through. Melted cheese, a bit of marmite? I won’t dictate how you eat yours, they are a sacred item and highly subjective. Just make sure you make two at a time; one is NEVER enough.

Perfect your pancake

Pancake day rolls around each February and takes us all by surprise. It’s always a thrill, but the pancakes can often be hit or miss. Why not use your mornings to perfect your perfect pancake recipe. Do you prefer american? Crepes? Or Japanese fuwa fuwa? The Japanese variety are notoriously challenging but anything can be achieved with practice (apparently), so try them all the nail that wrist action. By next February, you’ll be flipping brilliant.

Hot Cross bacon buns

Easter may have passed, but hot cross buns are still available, and rightly so. Create your own bacon butty by toasting the bun, adding a little tomato sauce and placing the crispy bacon (or vegan alternative) in the centre. The sweet/salty/crispy/soft combination is unbeatable; it’s probably as good as the brioche buns you pay £9 for in a restaurant, but with the added benefit of juicy sultanas and the smug satisfaction that you made it all yourself.

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