Eat like a King

Guide 23rd July 2020

King’s Road, if you’re not familiar, is a long, sprawling high street in the heart of Chelsea. When it comes to ranking London’s high streets I would confidently say that King’s Road sits in the superior category; the top-tier; the cream of the crop… Basically it’s one of the good ones and I’m not just talking about whether it has a Waitrose or an M&S, though it does of course have both. Walk the length of the road and you’ll realise it’s grandeur, stop at each crossing and you’ll be tempted to turn off and wander down the side streets – where you’ll find rows and rows of immaculate terraced houses, with manicured gardens and a casually-parked supercar poised and ready for a quick jaunt.

King’s Road is worth visiting for the shopping alone; it’s full of high-end boutiques (the Anthropologie is heavenly), there’s also the world famous Saatchi gallery, the rustic and intriguing John Sandoe Bookshop, and, if you like dogs, it couldn’t be more ideal; most shops are canine-friendly and a large majority of locals have dogs, so there’s PLENTY to oggle and adore. As you may have guessed, King’s Road also boasts its fair share of brilliant breakfast and brunch spots to set you up perfectly for a day of strolling. So, where to begin? Try any of these options and you won’t be leaving hungry:


Matcha and Beyond

Right by the Chelsea Old Town Hall you’ll find Matcha and Beyond. As the name suggests, this is no ordinary cafe but a ‘premium matcha and coffee bar’ serving all things matcha, and plenty more. There’s over twelve different matcha drinks to try, from the CBD Matcha Latte to the Matcha White Chocolate, or if you really need the energy boost – choose the Ceremonial Shot. Once energised you can enjoy a tasty brunch too; there’s Kimchi Avo Toast, made with yuzu smashed avocado, Matcha Pancakes or the ultra eye-catching Matcha Crossiant. The dessert counter also offers an impressive array of matcha cakes and cookies, perfect for taking on-the-go or for a post-shopping pick-me-up.  Sweet tooth or not, you’re guaranteed to spend at least 10 seconds wondering how they make that green icing look so appealing.


A Wanted Man

Just down the road from Matcha and Beyond, A Wanted Man is a strangely brilliant hybrid of espresso canteen, brow bar and waxing salon. Yes you read that correctly. Serving artisan espresso from Common Man Coffee Roasters and all-day breakfast by Parisian chef Benjamin Darnard, its website describes the destination as ‘a little Wild West’ with ‘a whole lot of body-boosting goodness’, which is really all you need to know. Fuel up for the day with the AWM Breakfast – toasted sourdough topped with scrambled eggs, your choice of chorizo or salmon, served with sweet onion jam, pan fried potatoes and an avocado and pickled cucumber salad. For something sweeter, the Sourdough Waffles come highly recommended.


My Old Dutch

A pancake house with a HUGE menu and pretty huge pancakes to match. My Old Dutch sits near the corner of the Kings Road and Old Church Street, right next to the very pretty Peggy Porschen Cakes. The two cafes, Peggy in pastel pink and My Old Dutch in pale blue, make for the perfect pairing – worth a stop if only to appreciate the curb appeal. Pop inside for pancakes and you will likely be blown away by the extensive choice on offer. Catering for all dietary requirements, the menu is split into mini menus, classic savoury, butterscotch, classic sweet or vegan, not to mention the kids options, light options, breakfast options and options that have nothing to do with pancakes at all e.g. salads. It takes a while to peruse and ponder but whatever you choose you’ll be rewarded with a whopping pancake with generous toppings,  unless you order a salad, obviously. Affordable, hearty, and with pancake day approaching it’s the perfect preparation.


Photo credit: Matcha and Beyond
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