A Love Letter to French Toast

Guide 3rd September 2020

Bread and egg take many forms in the breakfast world, from a fried egg sandwich to scrambled eggs on sourdough. None, however, are quite as magnificent as the glorious creation that is French toast.

Simultaneously feather light and filling, these spongey slices of heaven are mouth-wateringly satisfying, whether wedges of brioche or fluffy white loaf. A formula that is delicious in its own right yet wonderfully accommodating to a range of other flavours, French Toast lends itself to a whole host of accompaniments. From the beautiful contrast of crispy rashers of bacon drizzled in gooey maple syrup, to the freshness of berries and natural yogurt, every combination brings out eggy bread’s best side.

Whether its glistening honey, melted chocolate, or indulgent dulce de leche, the egg-infused bread becomes fluffy and absorbent, soaking up lashings of sauce that ooze from every juicy mouthful. Whereas pancakes – French Toast’s main breakfast competition – are too often disappointing without their toppings, eggy bread is independently flavoursome and moist.

French toast also has the ability to transcend occasion, from a fry-up side show in a traditional greasy spoon, to a luxurious show-stopping brunch in a high-end brasserie.

For an artistic adaptation that changes seasonally, try Half Cup, whose dish is so beautiful you won’t want to eat it (almost). Meanwhile Latana Cafe’s dessert hybrid marries the flavour of Tiramisu with the traditional French Toast, creating a luxurious breakfast treat.

Photo credit: About Time Magazine
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