London’s Best Cinnamon Buns

Guide 17th September 2020

It is a truth universally known, that cinnamon is one of the best breakfast ingredients around, transforming everything from porridge to French toast into a deliciously warm and spicy taste adventure.

With that being said, the cinnamon bun is surely one of the greatest inventions in breakfast history. Typically made of layers of warm, soft dough lathered in cinnamon sugar and drizzled in icing, cinnamon buns hit the sweet spot between a breakfast pastry and a dessert.

Originally a Scandinavian creation, cinnamon buns are now an expected feature in any reputable cafe’s breakfast pastry line up. Here are my favourites from London’s unique offering.


Fabrique’s Stockholm heritage makes this cinnamon bun the real deal. A delicate knot of pastry scattered with crunchy sugar crystals, this bun is a work of art as much as a breakfast. It’s chewy dough, sticky glaze and rich layers of cinnamon taste just as good as they look.


My love of Gail’s is no secret and it’s cinnamon bun has a very secure place in my list of top items from this popular London bakery chain. The contrast between the crispy outer layer and soft inner folds of dough is delightful, and the cinnamon sugar dusting is the perfect finish.

Ole and Steen

Ole and Steen’s cinnamon ‘social’ is served as a thick slice rather than in a traditional bun format, perfectly displaying layers of cinnamon sugar, dough and sweet custard in every serving. This soft and squidgy morsel is drizzled in icing and has maximum cinnamon intensity.

Bread Ahead

This neat, soft swirl takes it back to basics with a classic ‘roll’ shape and minimal toppings. Tearing apart its fluffy layers reveals a cinnamon centre and sticky fingers are unavoidable with its wonderfully moist glaze.


While this particular cinnamon creation requires breakfast lovers to travel a little further afield, the  sizable, square pastry, dripping in butter and cinnamon sugar, is well worth the effort. It’s fluffy but firm with a thick drizzle of icing – the perfect indulgent topping for this larger than life bun.

Image Credit: Eater
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