How to spend a morning in Abbeville Village

Guide 3rd December 2020

Tucked away near the south side of Clapham Common is a hidden gem known as Abbeville Village. Mere metres away from the hustle and bustle of Clapham’s thoroughfare and hectic high-street, Abbeville is a surprising slice of peaceful domestic bliss.

Running through the centre of this cluster of pretty period properties is Abbeville Road, the local high street that’s rich with breakfasting opportunities and the perfect place to spend a weekend morning.

After a short walk from Clapham South station head straight to fresh on the scene cafe, Nue Ground, whose slick white exterior is oozing with cool, and Scandi inspired decor radiates calm. If you’re feeling wholesome take your pick from healthy options such as quinoa granola with cardamom and rose, or treat yourself with something sickly sweet like buckwheat pancakes with bananas and syrup (and a piece of cake to save for later!)

If your day is looking clear of responsibility, make your next stop 33 Abbeville Road for a late morning tipple in the sun (or cuddled up with blankets if the weather isn’t in your favour). Choose from Red Snappers, Slutty Marys and Mimosas, cleverly disguised as ‘breakfast cocktails’ so you don’t feel guilty about drinking alcohol before noon. Is there anything more wonderfully hedonistic than drinking in the morning?!

While you’re here you should use the opportunity to stock up for the rest of the weekend. A fresh bloomer from MacFarlane’s deli should do you nicely for tomorrow’s breakfast, and it’s going to be hard not to resist picking up some artisan cheese from its impressive counter (after consuming more samples than socially appropriate).

If Nue Ground wasn’t your scene you’re bound to feel at home at The Abbeville, the traditional London boozer that’s the beating heart of this middle class micro-community. Outdoor seating makes for the perfect Abbeville Road vantage point, and the Saturday brunch menu delivers traditional breakfast favourites, from a Full English to Eggs Royale.

With enticing smells wafting across the street from a charming branch of Gail’s bakery, you’ll find it hard not to wander inside and join the queue forming in front of the pastry piles. Still feeling a little woozy from one too many breakfast cocktails? Order the bakery’s signature flat white, and sit in its spacious interior watching young parents trying to feed unwilling children bits of croissants. If you fancy taking home a souvenir check out my list of top Gail’s breakfast items, then walk away smiling with your white paper bag of heaven.

Image credit: ©Safia Shakarchi,
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