Birthday Breakfast: The Best Way to Celebrate at Home

Guide 20th April 2021

Birthdays this year have certainly had their limits. Aside from those lucky few months of summer celebrations, the rest of the nation has been faced with either extremely small guest lists or limited to FaceTime with friends and family.

Throughout the varying stages of lockdown this year, I’ve found one way to celebrate inside the home that doesn’t feel like a second-rate alternative: birthday breakfast!

It’s a simple, cost-effective way of making your housemate, family member or other half feel like a birthday King or Queen, setting the tone for a day of celebrations ahead.

Over the past year I’ve learnt a few simple tricks to ensure maximum celebratory vibes.


Go big or go home when it comes to decorations. ‘Happy Birthday’ balloon banners can easily be acquired online, while a simple bouquet from the supermarket adds extra chic to the table.


Don’t forget the breakfast sides. Whether your whipping up silky scrambled eggs or picking up a batch of fresh pastries, additions such as fresh berries, yogurt and bacon slices really elevate the breakfast game.


When it comes to drinks, cater for a crowd. A mug of tea simply won’t do – dust of your teapot or set up the cafetière for a whole morning of caffeine consumption.


Pile up the presents. Stack gifts and cards on display to make your loved one feel spoilt and special.


Don’t forget the cake! Whether you’ve baked a masterpiece or stuck a candle in an iced bun, presenting a token sweet treat so the birthday boy or girl can make a wish is a simple yet important detail.

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