SAMBA-itious brunch menu in Covent Garden

Review 1st July 2019

Have you ever had Brazilian food? I definitely think that London lacks good Brazilian restaurants and it’s a cuisine I am intrigued to try more of. Hence, I was really excited to see that the new brunch menu from Sushi Samba in Covent Garden had classic brunch dishes with a Brazilian twist. They offer outdoor and indoor seating but I decided to make the most of the limited sunshine in London and grab a table on the piazza. We tried a range of dishes, both sweet and savory.

First we tried the Pao de Queso with cured salmon and mustard. In Brazil, people tend to eat these buns by themselves- no stuffing, no toppings. But I liked that here they were used more as sandwich buns.

Pao de Queijo con Salmao aka Cheesy buns with orange cured Salmon, aji amarillo cream, quail egg, mustard cream

The next dish we tried was a brioche roll with a really tasty stuffing of plantains, shallots and roasted peppers. Wonderful dish for vegetarians and that branding on the brioche isĀ  so cute!

Casca louca aka brioche with plantain, red chilli, chives, lime, crispy shallots and roasted bell peppers

Alright everyone- attention please! The next dish here is going to blow your socks off! It is one of the most inventive brunch or breakfast dishes I have ever had ! And that was this Acai bowl which looks like an egg. Not only did it look like one, but the texture also mirrors that of an egg, i.e. you could poke the yolk and get an oozing centre! The yolk is made of mango puree which is in a thin jelly-like pocket and is placed carefully into the coconut mousse which forms the egg-white.

Acai Bowl with Coconut Mousse, Mango puree, Acai berries and Granola

Next came my favourite dish, which was this savoury croissant stuffed with Lobster and topped with Yuzu Hollandaise, quail eggs and caviar. How very indulgent!

Cuerno Langosta aka Croissant with lobster, Yuzu hollandaise, quail eggs and oscietra Caviar

The last breakfast dish on the menu was the Rabanada- brioche french toast with dulce de leche frozen yoghurt and ice cream, crispy bacon and bacon snow and grilled pineapple. I loved the combination of pineapple and dulce de leche because the sharp, citrusy flavours helped balance the richness from the dulce de leche.

Rabanada aka Brioche French Toast with Crispy Bacon, bacon jam, dulce de leche ice cream and dulce de leche frozen yoghurt, grilled pineapple

Overall a really unique brunch with some stunning dishes that look and taste great! Definitely check it out. Launching soon in the Covent Garden branch only!

Sushi Samba, 35 The Market Building, London WC2E 8RF
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