Shree Mitra

About the Author
Shree is behind the Instagram account @TruffleandToast and works renewable energies as a Technology Advisor. Her favourite thing for breakfast is Pancakes - sweet or savoury, American or Japanese, she loves them all!

Shree has been running her Instagram @truffleandtoast since 2017. She loves her fine dining as much as her street food and eats out at 8-10 new restaurants every week, although that’s also partially because she is too lazy to cook! Her favourite weekend activity is bottomless brunching and she is always on the lookout for the best pancakes in town.

When she’s not eating or taking photos of food, Shree works in renewable energies, designing how we can wirelessly charge electric cars of the future and how Hydrogen buses can be running all over the world. Shree also loves to travel and her favourite countries for food are Malaysia, Japan and Georgia.

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