Sunday Cafe – best breakfast for every day of the week

Review 31st July 2019

Misleadingly, this secluded gem in North London is not only open on Sundays, but also every other day of the week (except for Mondays – alas). A good thing too, as aside from the fact that its name makes Googling this hot spot a little challenging, Sunday does serve the brunch that could end all brunches. Bold statement, yes. But let this sink in: Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict. On Waffles.

With an ever-changing menu as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious to eat, other potential brunch options may include brioche French toast with vanilla crème fraiche, bananas and salted caramel; Heuvos rancheros with spiced black beans, chorizo and avo; or ribeye steak on the bone with fried eggs, hash browns and bacon butter. Keyboard salivating stuff.

You’ll also want to save space for their pièce de résistance: a towering stack of sweet ‘n’ savoury, fluffy American-style pancakes with a side of bacon and a dollop of butter laced with butterscotch. This particular foodporn combo seems to be on the menu most days, praise be to the brunch fairies.

The garden out back is perfect for the warm summery days that we’ve heard rumours of, while the inside of the café has a relaxed, homely feel with mixed-wood furnishings and bold splashes of colour. Add a newspaper or a group of friends and consider a few hours of your downtime sorted (that is, if you don’t feel horribly guilty about the ridiculously long queue of people waiting for a table).

The service is friendly and the portion sizes are solid. While everything is a fraction more expensive than the usual suspects on Upper Street and the lack of website means that you’ll just have to go on blind faith, the expertly made coffees and innovative offerings make everything worth parting with a couple of extra pennies.

If you’re trying to persuade a friend to move to London, this is where you take them. We hear that the conversion rate is 100% successful when done over a plate of their toasted banana bread.

Sunday is open Tuesday – Sunday, and serve breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner.

Sunday, 169 Hemingford Rd, London N1 1DA
Photo: [Credit]’ – Female Foodie
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