Nina Clark

About the Author
Nina is the founder of Nightire Sleepwear and is a serious foodie who writes food reviews for Breakfast London and TimeOut London. Fan of a runny Eggs Benedict and a berry açai bowl.

Nina Clark is the founder of Nightire Sleepwear – an urban pyjama brand with a love of all things sleep – and by default, breakfast. Because what is better than a good meal after a good night’s sleep? Nothing, that’s what. Nina is a serious foodie who takes the task of finding the newest, most delicious meals in London (and most importantly, at a decent price), seriously. She also writes food reviews for TimeOut London, which is how her interest in the London food scene was ignited.

She loves a runny Eggs Benedict, berry açai bowl or cheese toastie to start the day off just right, preferably in her (super soft, organic bamboo) Nightire pjs – which is often the case, as she has no problem wearing her nightwear during the day. Make sure to follow along as she finds the best breakfast spots in the city where wearing an outfit fit for bed, is welcomed.

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