Marchesi: From Milan to Mayfair

Review 9th March 2020

If you were wondering where to find the most expensive eggs (£18) and coffee (£6) in town, look no further than Mayfair institution, Marchesi. Nothing comes cheap at this cute little patisserie, an import from Milan that’s situated in the heart of London’s most affluent neighbourhood – but it’s worth a visit for the plush interiors, freshly baked goods and servers that exude the typical European air of indifference as they take your order.

Marchesi, also nicknamed the Prada Café as it’s owned by the fashion group of the same name, is famous for its pannetone, designer pastries prepared in Milan before its baked on-site in London and 100% arabica coffee prepared by their own in-house roaster.

Make sure to head through to the parlour (or Salotto) at the back if you do find yourself drawn in by the delicious delights displayed in the window – there is more space to spread out for a leisurely bite and the big windows running along the side make it a great spot for people watching. On our visit, we ordered a rather meagre selection of eats (note the astounding prices) but this place is clearly all about quality over quantity anyway. Their flaky pain au chocolat was faultlessly delectable. Their granola bowl, so tiny that you an easily gobble it up in two bites – were two bites of perfection – a combination of dried rose petals strewn atop a dusting of muesli and yogurt that was strained to silky perfection.

If you feel tempted afterwards to keep the indulgent air going a bit longer, grab a box of their posh Smarties (called Small Chocolate Lentils) to go, which should be a fitting end to the whole lavish experience.

Address: 117 Mount Street Mayfair, London.W1K 3LA
Image: Prada Group
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