How Breakfast is Bringing Me Joy in Self Isolation

Guide 14th May 2020

Confined to the same four walls for weeks on end, as part of a nation in self-isolation I’m limited to few leisure time activities and offered little space for new experiences. 

Now faced with a cleared schedule, days stretching ahead of me void of social or work commitments, I’ve had to adapt to a whole new pace and way of living. In this restricted reality I’ve found myself, like many others, forced to be creative while also finding the joy in simple pleasures – one of these being breakfast.

Waking to a new day of lockdown with an intimidatingly empty day ahead, breakfast has bought not only structure to now endless-seeming mornings, but a sense of enjoyment. While pre-lockdown morning fuel was often a sachet of porridge hurriedly gobbled at an office desk, barely registered as I tried to digest emails alongside my food, this new lifestyle offers the chance to really make a meal of it.

Although maintaining routine is undoubtedly important, I’ve opted for lazier mornings where I can nurse a cup of coffee while reading a book, working up an appetite for whatever breakfast creation I’ll no doubt be whipping up later. Rather than breakfast being a morning tick box, I’ve pushed the timings back to brunch territory which automatically makes it feel like more of an occasion.  

Easy fridge access and an inflated grocery budget means I’ve really been able to step up the breakfast game, treating myself to the likes of squidgy banana pancakes drizzled in maple syrup and smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels. Enjoying a rather more indulgent breakfast midweek is an uplifting treat that genuinely brings me joy and offers something to look forward to during those waking moments when peaceful sleep makes way for coronavirus reality.

Starting the morning with a productive activity also sets a precedent for the day ahead, and there is something deliciously satisfying about perfecting those pancakes or artistically stacking exquisite slices of French toast. Occasionally I feel like I may never need to spend money on a London brunch again, but then I scroll through the @breakfastlondon Instagram feed and realise there’s no chance of ever quite recreating Half Cup’s gorgeous French toast or Granger and Co’s cloud-like scrambled eggs.

So if you’re feeling the weight of lockdown and are in need of a little pick me up, I highly recommend brewing a cup of your favourite coffee, getting creative and channeling your restless energy into crafting a top-notch breakfast.

Image credit: Olive Magazine


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