If You’re Looking For A (Breakfast) Sign, This Is It!

Guide 4th August 2020

Horoscopes can tell you how to navigate life’s many choices and challenges in your present life and the future. Since we’ve not all got easy access to our fortune tellers at the moment, we’ve gazed into the crystal ball for you. With one topic obviously very front of mind, what’s the best breakfast for all of us?

Here’re twelve dishes we’ve found to be written in the stars for each and every one of you. Whether it’s today, tomorrow of this weekend, whip up your own interpretation at home or start planning that breakfast trip you’ve been dreaming of.


Those of us who are gemini’s, myself included are morning people. We want to get up and out to see friends or even squeeze in an activity before work. Hit the ground running by preparing  the night before with all sorts of nuts and fruit. By baking them in the oven for 20 minutes, the same recipes can be sliced into breakfast bars. For inspiration, head over to Covent Garden’s 26 Grains who are honestly the best oat handlers in the business.


Those who are born during those summery days are nurturing, loving and like variety. Spanish tortilla is just the one for warming you all the way through. Alongside a foundation of potatoes and eggs there’s an unlimited combination of fillings. For the absolute best you’ll need to plan a slightly later brunch but it’s so worth it at Barrafina.


Sunday Funday was created for you. Breakfast is as good a time as any for you to bring the party vibes. When you’re out, it’s go big or go home! That’s why we know you’re going to be all over a full English, no messing around! Hawksmoor serve theirs in a skillet pan, I feel like that’s enough of a hint at what a treat you’re in for here.


Health and wellness are key focuses in your life as you take great care in looking after your body and nourishing it with goodness. You also take pride in presentation. A beautiful acai bowlwith a base of frozen fruit of the acai palm and commonly topped with granola and bananas is exactly what you need. Whilst it may be a while before you can head over to Brazil (where this dish originated), how about Malibu Kitchen at The Ned.


Our lovely libras, you’re balanced out and often the peacekeepers. This is often intense work so let’s set you up with a nutritious breakfast, with plenty protein. Honestly obsessed with sweet potato rostis, versatile in their toppings and delicious! Brother Marcus at various locations around the city serve a dreamy one!


Scorpios can often be those who are harder to crack when you first meet but peel back the layers and you’ve got yourself a buddy for life, and a true partner in crime. Intense flavours are appreciated and that’s why you’ll need a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. Roni’s in both Belsize Park and Hampstead know exactly what they’re doing with these.


Your love of travel and explore local foods may need to be put on hold for a while but they can still be adventurous. Perfecting a kedgeree, consisting of fish, rice and eggs should keep you entertained for a while. To reimagine this with a Scandi spin, head to Aquavit just off Regent Street and try anything and everything from their ‘weekend brunch’ menu.


Always up for a challenge, let’s see your best poached eggs and yes a homemade hollandaise sauce. Want to step it up even further, why not try and make your own sourdough or English muffins to go with it too. You’ve got this! For a classic, world class serving head to The Wolseley where you’ll find the full range of Benedict, Florentine and Arlington (/Royale).


Often see as humanitarians, this passion bunch feel good knowing that you’re eating well. Find your favourite yoghurt and granola (bonus points for homemade), add some berries and enjoy! Boys’N’Berry in Fulham have a great granola served with coconut yoghurt and seasonal fruit.


Creative and with a big appreciation for unexpected flavours, this is a tricky one but a people who see good in everything we think you’re the perfect team for this. To see exactly how it should be done, head to neighbourhood hotspot Brickwood.


Over the last few months we’ve seen plenty of banana breads and sourdough loaves but as people who love to try something new especially trends your friends are raving about, cardoamom buns are next up and sure to keep you busy.  If you’re looking fior a (super high)  benchmark head to Fabrique.


– if you’re going out, you’re going all out and you’ll be looking for the most decadent dish on the menu. A breakfast burger will do exactly that. Take an English muffin and top with eggs, tomato, cheese. Or head to Sons + Daughters in Kings Cross who make it look so easy which we know is a true testament of hard work!

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