Top Supermarket Breakfast Buys

Guide 16th June 2020

With cafes closed across the capital and brunching grinding to a very firm halt, supermarkets are one of the few establishments left standing to provide us breakfast-lovers with a source of fun. Without London’s usual drain on disposable income many of us are left with a little more flexibility in our grocery budget, getting our kicks during the weekly shop at the local supermarket or deli.

If you’re looking to jazz up your shopping list, here are some new, quirky or just plain delicious items to look out for on your next socially distanced trolley-dash.

Warburtons Giant Crumpets

Warburtons’ comfortingly familiar classic crumpets, but supersized! Perfect for a little bit of breakfast fun that’s not too adventurous but still a novelty. Ensure toasting time isn’t cut short before smothering in butter or any other toppings you see fit.

Available at Tesco

M&S Ready to Bake Pastries

Unable to make it to the bakery every day for your favourite, piping-hot fresh pastries? Problem solved with these frozen packets of ready-to-bake classics including pains au chocolat, all butter croissants and pains aux raisin. Keep a packet at home for when pastry cravings hit and simply throw in the oven before watching a soft, flakey pastry emerge in front of your eyes.

 Available in M&S Food

Leon Prebiotic Preserves

Having recently begun dipping its toe in the world of groceries, popular healthy London food chain Leon has introduced a new range of prebiotic reserves including Figgy Apple, Jammy Date and Ruby Red. Perfect if you’re getting bored of your usual spread selection and to make yourself feel a little better about the nutritional value of your breakfast. 

Available at Sainsbury’s

Heck Vegan Breakfast Sausages

For those without a sweet tooth, Heck’s vegan-friendly breakfast sausages are perfect for wedging inside a soft white roll, or as the centerpiece of a veggie fry up. Packed with mushrooms, carrot and tomatoes and seasoned with parsley and sage, they make for a thick and juicy meat replacement that’s a wholesome, filling start to the day.

Available at Tesco

Sainsbury’s Breakfast Toppers

Individual portions of cranberries, milk chocolate chunks, flaked almonds and pumpkin seeds, these handy little breakfast toppers are ideal for sprinkling across almost any sweet breakfast, from pancakes to porridge. A perfectly complimenting concoction that saves the time and money of buying four separate ingredients.

Available at Sainsbury’s

Image credits: Warburtons
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