Nue Ground Review: Hearty, Healthy Breakfasts That Pack a Flavour Punch

Review 20th February 2021

This week a very exciting delivery arrived on my door step from the wonderful Nue Ground, a breakfast gem nestled in Abbeville Village and a personal favourite of mine since its opening last year.

Having recently chatted to the founder Joanna Mangion about lockdown life and business survival, I already knew the cafe was doing everything it could to adapt in the midst of challenging hospitality conditions. It came as no surprise that they are now set up on Deliveroo, offering beautiful breakfast packages on demand to homes across South London.

I jumped at the chance to test out the takeout menu highlights, having whiled away several pleasant mornings eating brunch in their Clapham South cafe.

Having previously held on to the notion that breakfast ‘doesn’t travel well’ I was immediately impressed by Nue Ground’s takeaway aesthetic. Elegant garnishes, perfect layers and artistically arranged toppings make a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. 

In the sweet corner there’s Winter Porridge, a hearty bowl of creamy oats and spicy stewed plums, lathered in an rich peanut butter. Cool coconut yogurt cuts through the warmer flavours, adding a fresh feel. Meanwhile, the Beetroot Chia is an adorable little pot of silky, seedy goodness with added pistachio crunch. Served in a clear pot, the delicate layers and pretty garnish make it a beautiful breakfast dish, although I wasn’t as convinced at the flavours.

At the other end of the flavour spectrum the Savoury Waffles, arguably the showstopper of Nue Ground’s selection, present an original, nutritious take on a breakfast classic. Spicy, earthy courgette waffles with a turmeric tang hold two expertly poached eggs; bonus points for delivering these in tact and still gleefully runny! Crunchy kale and a perfectly ripe avocado fan support from the side, while a cool yogurt topping adds a contrast to the spicy flavours and seedy crunch.

Next up, the vibrant and aromatic Grain Bowl offers a wealth of flavours and nutrition, from pickled cabbage to salty, sharp grains and kale with hints of lemon. The highlight of the dish is the crunchy roasted chickpeas eaten alongside the smooth hummus – perfection!

All in all, Nue Ground’s varied menu is the sort of food that leaves you satisfied and feeling good, full of nutritious, quality ingredients to kick-start the day. The elegant presentation gives the illusion you’re back in your favourite brunch cafe, making for the perfect weekend at-home treat.

Nue Ground’s breakfast menu is available on Deliveroo or via the phone on 020 7525 9030, for delivery or pick up.

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