Breakfast Dates for Your Diary

Guide 18th March 2021

With my 2021 calendar looking a little vacant (to say the least), I decided it was time to celebrate anything and everything I possibly can. This started with researching a variety of cultural festivities and naturally resulted in a deep dive into those breakfast related national/international annual dedicated days.

There are honestly more of these (holidays) than you can possibly imagine so I’ve collated a handful of highlights below for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, starting from now. Note that Summer definitely has the least but here’s hoping that by June we have even more to celebrate than breakfast foods.


Across the shorter and darker days, those mysterious people who create these National food related occasions have made sure to include something for everyone. World Nutella day is a strong one to have slotted at the start of Feb. Once the jar is open, keep on rolling with it into mid-Feb too with Shrove Tuesday where the strawberries can definitely double their appearance within the month too.

As for National toast day, this seems simple but should not be underestimated. With so many condiments to choose from and so many different types of bread, on the 25th, make your selections wisely and crunch on that toast morning, noon and night!

5 Feb – World Nutella Day
16 Feb – Shrove Tuesday
25 Feb – National Toast Day
27 Feb – National Strawberry Day



Everything is starting to bloom. Including supposedly the nuts of this world and the tea leaves. As for the waffles, not sure what element of those are blossoming, perhaps the light,  fluffy-ness of the actual waffle itself. Fair-trade day appears in May (although the full ‘Fair-trade fortnight’ is slightly earlier in Feb/March). Why not try out some of the latest and greatest fair-trade brands which seem to be totally booming right now, and rightly so!

1 Mar – National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
25 Mar – International Waffle Day
21 Apr – National Tea Day
8 May – World Fair-trade Day (22 Feb- 7 March Fair-trade Fortnight)



Time to roll out the BBQs and open up those windows. British Tomatoes are totally coming into their own and we couldn’t be prouder. Whether forming part of your full English breakfast, or getting involved in a delicious shakshuka, they really are the stars of the show over those Summer months. As for World Chocolate Day, I feel the same way about this as I do about Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t we show those we love our appreciation for them each and every day??!

24 (May) -6 Jun British Tomato Fortnight
7 Jul – World Chocolate Day



Coffee being top of this list does not surprise me. By this point in the year, our morning cup of coffee has seen it all and carried us through a lot. The rest of Autumn looks very healthy- bring on the nutrients with those vegetables, eggs for power packed protein and porridge for those all important energising carbs. All can be made sweet or savoury. Never been a huge fan of Autumn but perhaps it’s looking more exciting this year now that I’ve done my research.

1 Oct – International Coffee Day
1 Oct – World Vegetarian Day (10-16 may National Vegetarian Week if you’re looking for a longer fix).
8 Oct – World Egg Day
10 Oct – World Porridge Day

Source Image: Maddi Bazzocco, Unsplash
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