Five Egg-cellent Ways to Eat Eggs for Breakfast

News 10th June 2020

There’re a few staple items that I’ll always ensure are in my kitchen. One of these is a box of eggs which alongside being super versatile are packed with protein and vitamins. Sweet or savoury, light bite or full english they’re here for it all.

For most of us working from home at the moment there’s more flexibility with our breakfast agendas. I truly believe it’s the most important meal of the day setting you up for success and a smile on your face. Appreciating some days need to kick off quicker than others, here are five egg-celent suggestions and how quickly you can get them from creation to kitchen table.

Soft-boiled eggs (5 mins)

The Peter Pan of breakfasts, no-ones ever too old for a couple of soft- boiled eggs with their runny yolk and toasted soldiers. Get the kettle to boil the water quickly and use a timer to cook the eggs to perfection. Butter that toast and to the marmite lovers, a thin spread on top goes a long way with this classic.

Omelette (10 mins)

Have a fridge full of lots of random foods? You know what pulls them all together, eggs! Chop it all up and make an omelette. Could be served with a salad on the side for anything you’re not sure can go in the actual omelette or a slice of toast. Yum!

Pancakes (15 mins)

Want to start your day extra sweet? Time for pancakes! You’d be amazed with the continuously simplified and healthy recipes popping up to make these. For me, the essentials are still flour, baking powder, sugar, milk and… eggs. Mix them all together, accept that the first one will always flop and then get flipping through the rest. When it comes to toppings, I honestly feel like anything goes so whilst berries, maple syrup and bacon may be the go to, why not experiment and find your own special combo!

French Toast (2o mins)

French toast also referred to as ‘eggy bread’ needs no surprise bread and eggs, milk and butter. I also like to include vanilla extract or cinnamon to give even more flavour. Feeling extra fancy, you could make a fruit compote to drizzle on top.

Shakshuka (25 mins)

Mostly likely one for the weekend, shakshuka is delicious, nutritious and although takes a little longer is so worth it! Onion, garlic tomatoes and eggs are the foundations. Other vegetables such as pepper and aubergine are great additions alongside spices paprika, cumin, chilli and herbs coriander and parsley.

The Good Egg, Eggbreak, Eggslut and to all our other favourite egg-stablishments, we’ll be back as soon as we can xoxo

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