Nicki Chan-Lam

About the Author
A little person with a big appetite, Nicki creates social media content for brands alongside her office job. She has a massive love for all things breakfast-related, from simple poached eggs and avocado toast to giant pancake stacks with all the trimmings, and is a firm believer that you have to go for both sweet and savoury.

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Nicki studied Mathematics at the University of Manchester before leaving the North to pursue a career in the financial services industry.

Since moving to London for work over five years ago, Nicki has become obsessed with the London breakfast/brunch scene – with so many new places popping up all the time, her list of spots to try never seems to get any shorter! She’d happily eat it for every meal of the day, and loves to order breakfast for dinner at all-day breakfast spots. Aside from brunching at every available opportunity, Nicki loves desserts and baking (and basically anything food-related!)

Alongside her full-time office job, Nicki also creates social media content for brands, restaurants and companies in her spare time.

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