Debbie Tan

About the Author
An avid lover of food, Debbie seeks to explore the latest and trendiest hotspots around London. She is a management consultant by profession and a self-declared food hunter. There is never a time she would say no to chicken and waffles or a stack of pancakes for breakfast.

Born and raised in the land of diverse food – Malaysia, Debbie has always had a passion for all things food. Since leaving her home country to pursue her economics degree at the University of Surrey, her undying love for food hasn’t changed one bit. She refuses to let her temporary residence in the UK stop her from diving into the London food scene.

Although she loves her avocado and eggs on toast, she has a soft spot for pancakes and all things carbs. If pancake burgers were a thing, she would be the first one in line. When she is not eating, she is mostly day-dreaming about her next meal. Nothing excites her more than deciding what to eat next! Oh and if there’s an oreo in sight, you can always count on Debbie to make it disappear.

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